Optical sun lenses

Tinted lenses

Tinted lenses are lenses tinted in one or another color. Tinting may be even or graded, into a variety of colors and shades. Available color palette, into which the lenses can be tinted, is very wide.

Optical sun lenses can be made both for people with good vision and for those who need correction.


Unika 1.5  with hard coating (Tinted- 1 colour)

112€ / pair -25% until the end of September

Unika 1.5 with Kristal coating (Tinted- 1 colour)

132€ / pair -25% until the end of September


Photochromic lenses

Photochromic lenses are lenses which darken and lighten depending on the intensity of ultraviolet component of the sunlight. The degree of darkening of photochromic eyeglass lenses depends on the ambient temperature and the intensity of UV radiation. 

Photochromic glass lenses are very convenient: indoors they do not differ from the usual colorless eyeglass lenses or have a slight original tint. Outside such glasses darken themselves, turning at a very bright sunlight almost into sunglasses. If you enter the room, then after a short time photochromic glasses become transparent again. They can be made both for people with good vision and for those who need the correction.

If you are using photochromic lenses for driving, remember that usual photochromic lenses do not darken inside the car, because the ultraviolet light practically does not penetrate through the windshield of the car (the modern automobile glasses almost completely absorb the ultraviolet radiation).

The latest innovation in the range of photochromic lenses are the photochromic lenses Transitions XTRActive, which can darken also inside the car. These are the darkest photochromic lenses. The lenses were developed with the use of the new photochromic pigments, therefore they are activated not only by ultraviolet rays, but also by visible light. Indoors the Transitions XTRActive lenses have a little shade - 11%, while in the car by 27 °C they darken up to 50%. Outside, depending on the ambient temperature, the darkening degree changes from 80 to 96%.


Transitions VI with anti-reflective coating

from 140€ / pair

Essilor Transitions VII with Crizal Alize UV coating

from 140€ / pair


Polarized lenses

Polarizing eyeglass lenses greatly enhance the image contrast and increase the visual comfort in difficult visual conditions by eliminating blinding glare from horizontal surfaces (water, snow and even road pavement).

Since the glasses with such lenses can protect your eyes both from the sun's glare and from UV rays, they are recommended to all who spend much time at the wheel of a car, fishing, hunting, doing outdoor sport (skiing, snowboarding, water skiing, surfing, etc.).


UNIKA 1.5 NuPolar PLANO (0,0) with Kristal coating

from 140€ / pair

UNIKA 1.5 NuPolar with Kristal coating

from 168€ / pair -25% until the end of September

Organic 1.5 NuPolar with C-Max coating

136€ / pair

Orma 1.5 XPERIO with Crizal SUN UV coating

from 210€ / pair