The glasses require care and careful handling. In order that they would serve for a long time and be comfortable in use, you must adhere to the following simple rules:

  1. Store the glasses in a case made from a hard material;
  2. Put on and take off the glasses always with two hands: this prevents distortion and possible damage of the frame;
  3. Do not wear glasses as decoration (band) on your head;
  4. Clean the lenses only with special agents and soft cloths;
  5. Avoid contact of glasses with liquids containing alcohol, as well as acetone, nail enamel removing agent, citric acid;
  6. Do not put your glasses on a hard surface lenses down;
  7. Periodically check the screws in the frame;
  8. Do not leave the glasses in the places with high temperature (for example, at summertime on the dashboard of the car, on a window sill, near the stove, etc.). Do not wear glasses in sauna. Heat damages the coating of eyeglass lenses;
  9. Do not repair the glasses yourselves.