Instructions for use and care for contact lenses

Contact lens is a medical device. Before you start using them, you should consult your eye doctor or optometrist.

For all who use contact lenses, it is very essential to know that proper care and regular replacement of contact lenses are very important.

  1. Always wash and dry your hands before you take the contact lenses;
  2. The period of use of contact lenses starts from the moment when you first open the package. Do not wear contact lenses longer than it is recommended by the manufacturer;
  3. Before putting on the lenses, make sure that they are not damaged;
  4. Store lenses only in the special container;
  5. Do not rinse the container with water from the tap and replace the container every 3 months;
  6. Clean your contact lenses and rinse them before every use and after it with a care product, which is specifically designed for this purpose;
  7. Always use a fresh and clean solution;
  8. Check the shelf life of the care products;
  9. If you do not want to care for contact lenses every day, you may purchase lenses with one-day wearing period;
  10. Do not let others to wear your lenses;
  11. Avoid contact of lenses with aerosols and sprays;
  12. Use cosmetics after you have put the lenses on, and use the makeup removing products after you have taken the contact lenses off;
  13. Do not go to the sauna while wearing contact lenses;
  14. If your eyes became red or irritated, immediately remove the lenses and consult your eye doctor or optometrist.